The most advanced responsive
front-end framework in the world.

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What's new in 4?

Responsive design gets lighter, faster and more advanced, so you can code smarter.

Mobile First

Now you can build for small devices first. Then, as devices get larger and larger, layer in more complexity.


Everything is now semantic. Now you can have the cleanest markup without sacrificing the utility and speed of Foundation.

Awesome Javascript

All of the JS plugins have been rewritten to make them better, stronger, faster.

Shiny New HTML Templates

We've created some common layouts for you to start from so you can cook your site faster.

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Start here, build everywhere.

Flexible Grid

The flexible grid can adapt to any size screen, from phones to TVs.

Rapid Prototyping

Dozens of elements and styles to help you go from coded prototype to polished product.

Multi-Device Mobility

You can quickly put together layouts that work on any and all devices.

Foundation Training

Get your team up and running on Foundation with our online courses.

Case Study: Flite

Flit Foundation Case Study

When online advertising tech firm Flite needed to do a redesign of its website, it knew that it had to work on any device, not just desktops.
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Case Study: Swizzle

Swizzle Foundation Case Study

Online service and design agency Swizzle built this site just a month after the release of Foundation, and it's beautifully responsive.
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Case Study: ZURBsoapbox

ZURBSoapbox Foundation Case Study

One of the first sites built with Foundation, this site helps visitors to ZURB's speaking series learn, listen, and RSVP to events.
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Case Study: Reel

Reel Foundation Case Study

A presentation hosting Web app built by ZURB, Foundation not only drives the entire app UI, but also drives its embeddable presentations.
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Sites Using Foundation

  • PBS
  • National Geographic
  • WebFWD
  • The Washington Post
  • Los Alamos
  • Felix
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