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Sypris Solutions

Searching for a Future-Proof Framework

Last year, Sypris Solutions Web Developer Ed Charbeneau was tasked with redesigning all of the company's external-facing websites and their line of internal apps. And to do that, Ed didn't want to jump from one framework to another for all those different tasks.

Foundation, at the time, had just hit the open-source community. Up until then, Ed had been using 960gs. He was also "looking for something that was going to be more future proof." In other words, a design that was device and screen independent. So he decided to give Foundation a test drive. It wasn't long before Ed decided that Foundation was the right fit for his needs.

And he got right to work, learning Foundation and getting a good grasp at responsive web design.

Our Biggest Challenge

After learning the ropes of Foundation, Ed decided to tackle what he called the company's biggest challenge — TubeTurns. The design was old, template based and lacked focus, he said. Worst of all, it wasn't centered on customer interactions. There were no real calls to action. The site didn't drive users through the site, forcing them to wander aimlessly about. So Ed made it his pet project.

When it came to whipping up the new design, Foundation came in handy to quickly prototype ideas and get them out in front of stakeholders. It also helped the sales team see what was possible in terms of selling their products.

When sales provided new content, the grid system made it easy to make the proper adjustments to the layout.

The site was built on Foundation 2.2, which didn't have the navigation options that Foundation 4 now has. Ed rolled out some of his own javascript to get the site's navigation up and running. Nevertheless, everything came together rather smoothly.

It's much more organized, much easier to find what's on the page. Our calls to actions are much more prominent.

Conversions Increased Significantly

“Within a week of being released, the site's conversions increased significantly,” said Ed. “The new site has generated a lot of buzz around the office,” he added. He passed along a big "thank you" from everyone on the team.

Thank you for bringing your guys' hard work out and making it a public, open-source project that we benefit [from].

Ed also realized how much Foundation was helping him speed up his workflow. Which is why he not only regularly gives presentations advocating the use of Foundation, but also wrote a lengthy tutorial on how to use our responsive framework. He is also continuing to use Foundation to whip up the other Sypris' sites.

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