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Closing the Product Design Talent Gap

Lots of companies struggle to find great designers. Every week, clients ask us to recommend a designer for them to hire internally, and with our huge following of talented designers, we knew there had to be an easy way to bring the two together.

We launched ZURBjobs to help companies find talent in their own quest for world domination. ZURBjobs had to look amazing on every device, so we used Foundation to quickly build the site. Here are some of the highlights of how we built and launched using Foundation.

Minimal Code Required

Using Foundation, we were able to quickly insert form elements on the site using its preset elements. This kicked us into warp speed — we didn’t have to code entirely new elements. We simply had to adapt the existing ones with light custom styles.

Mobile Optimized

Of course, since we built with Foundation, the site works great on mobile devices. CSS3 helps us avoid extraneous image requests, ensuring that things feel snappy even on slower connections. The layout also adapts to be simple and straightforward.

Next Steps: Managing Jobs

Like any project there's more to do and more to refine. Up next, we'll be fleshing out the customer admin tools so people can create, modify, and close out their own postings.

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